Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Word Kills All!^^

The longer the time passes, the lazier I get. Well, maybe I just feel a bit fed up of studying the same thing over and over again. It just won't finish. Hmmm, I wonder if I am able to score well if I enter the exam tomorrow. So far so good I guess, it won't fail me. Come on Allen! Oh well, better be a little low profile. Have been lessening the time spend with my books these 2 days as it's the weekend period. I hope I can recover and things can turn normal again starting tomorrow.

So, 5 days to the first paper. Many people around me are still wandering around without realizing that time is getting lesser and lesser. These people just make me feel how professional they are in handling their time in studying, They can always study at the last minute and yet score a well or memorable pointer in their exam. It never change since the day i know them. While some have been preparing since about a month ago. But the weird thing is that his result is just almost the same as the one I have been mentioning just now. What a world.

Maybe this is called, it doesn't matter how much time or how much you study, the important thing is how you apply the thing you have been studying all along in the exam. These are the critical time when you must not fall and stay firm with the answer you had in your mind. All you wait for these while is just for the sake of one paper. A 2 and a half hours paper. After that, what happen? Everything you studied shall be dumped in the air and you forgot all of them in an instance!

Aiks, one word "lazy"! mind is full of the things which shall happen in half month time. Good luck though to all of us once again! La la la..have a nice weekend and shine towards the best!^^

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