Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Truths Always Hurt~~ Some Anxiety of Mine!!

How great can things go in just a moment of truth. Well, I never expect this to happen but eventually it comes after all. Honestly, I didn't do as well as I have expected myself to do in this semester's exam. The subject which is supposed to be the easiest has nearly destroyed my confidence. It hurt me and I actually burst out my sweat and tears while doing the questions. Pain after pain, getting more and more nervous and in the end everything is done eventually. I can feel like my hand was shaking like crazy. Never have I felt like this before. First time in 22 years.

Oh well, at least I can assure myself that I wouldn't fail this examination. Just that the results might not be as nice as I had wanted all this while. Fine then, I shall focus more on the coming paper tomorrow. Physical Education. Good luck to us and all the best. Please don't let me end up with disappointment ya. 

Anyway, 4 more days to leave this place once again. Hehe, yeah. I am getting my countdown ready once again. This time is to KL. For a period of 10 days. I am really anticipating this trip as I had never experience this kind of feeling. Leaving home for so long other than hostel in KK. Which means that I will need to spend a lot on food!! Oh oh money... Lol...come on! God bless me ya. Go go go!! Have a nice day n can't wait for tomorrow night!!^^

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DoRa Priscilla said...

Me too! Just hope that I would not drop too much for my last sem result.. wuaaaa! >.<
Money bye-bye loh... hahaha..

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