Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melaka, Genting and KL Trip!!

I am back to Sibu once again. Haha. This time is rather late compare to the other college mates who have went back to their respective homes since more than a week ago. Why? Because I went for a 10 days 9 nights trip to Melaka, Genting and finally KL. The trip can just passed by so swiftly without one realizing that time actually flew by just like that. And now I am already back home typing this. Lol. Oh well. The whole trip was just too perfect till I have no more other words to describe it. I totally love it especially when I spend it with the friends who are so important to me, Ning, Mei Ling, Bernard, Cindy, Esther, Puven, Kavil, Dora, Jun Ning and Khairi!

Before the trip, I was so excited that I can't sleep well for that few days and when the days finally reached, the feelings was already indescribably dy. The first day was the flying day. We flew to KL's LCCT airport and then took the bus to Melaka. After that, from Melaka we went on to the A'Famosa Resort and spend 3 days 2 nights there. We lived in a house which has a small pool in it. Everyday was so relaxing and nice. Went to the Safari Park, Water World and Cowboy Town. Nice, nice, nice. Only the food was a bit too expensive but overall perfect!

Next to the Melaka town trip. Spend one full day and night there. Haha. As we all know, it's a historical city, so, many meaningful pictures was taken there. The food was cheaper and quite nice. But then, the place was not as lively at night. People there slept early and not much entertainment was done. Went for shopping there as well before rushing our way to KL's bus terminal. The next destination was Genting Highland. So, we took a bus and Genting here we come! Another one full day and night there. Oh well, I did gambled and actually won some. Not much but still quite satisfy with it la. The weather was not so good and we didn't manage to play in the theme park. Wish I can do so next time around. Who knows, maybe next year?

After Genting, it was all down to KL. Wow, these were the most tiring days of all. We did so much walking from morning till night. Some places we went was to Petaling Street, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Mid Valley, Chou Kit Road, St. John Church, Sungei Wang, Time Square, Low Yat and etc. Most of the time was spend on shopping and walking here and there. The place was full of entertainment. At 1 am in the morning, everyone was still very quite high. If you don't look at your watch, you might even think that it was actually 7pm!

All the trips and spending are done. All in all I have spend around RM1200. Come on, this is for once a year ba. Haha. In conclusion, I am really grateful to have all these great friends of mine. Hehe, I am actually anticipating for next year's trip dy. Lol. Happy happy. Say Best to Melaka, Genting and KL Trip!! Wahahaha. Haha.^^ Happy Holidays guys and gals!


DoRa Priscilla said...

SO FAST! :D lol... Nice one! I just reach home, had a great time with you and the others! plan for the next trip! :D haha.. Happy holiday at home Allen ^^

Allen said...

hahaha..allen is always fast n efficient ba.. Lol..yeah..same feeling as u do.. Let's rock the next trip as well..happy happy holidays~~^^

Esther Teu said...

Haha... Very meaningful trip ~
Love it very much ^^

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