Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a Nice TGIF!!

It's just so sad when someone actually do this to someone. You never wanted to be the last person to know something. It's like no one actually cares for you or anything. Please la, don't treat anyone like this. You can never imagine how hurt can that be. 

Last minute in doing something is very much different from last minute to know something. You might be shock and in the end felt disappointed without anyone acknowledging it. What to do. Just live on with a deep sigh.

Today is a Friday once more. So, what else? TGIF!! Thanks God It's Friday. Once more I repeat, don't stress  ya people. It's just a paper. You read, you pass. You don't read, you fail. Just like that. If you are aiming for an A, study more but study smart. Rest whenever you need it.

Don't always force yourself too much. It's not good. Eat, play, sleep and read at the same time. You might realize that these 4 elements can never be separated. Good luck in dealing with them ya. P/S: 6 more days to the first paper~~


DoRa Priscilla said...

The worst thing being lied to or the last one to know something is that knowing you weren't worth the truth! huhu

Allen said...

Yeah..tat's really sad.. oh well, life can be just so cruel at times.. Good luck to all the people having the same old problem ba.. Dora, man man lai ya..^^

Amanda Rina said...

thank you Allen =D
hv great day and enjoy :D

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