Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Burst of Anger!

I am kinda tired these days doing all sorts of things such as studying, playing, sports and most of all sleeping. It's just life during exam periods. I dun like it and I am sure no one in this world actually think differently from me. But what to do, we just can't run away from our problems, rite? Guess we just had to accept and live on our pathetic typical student life then. What we don't like now doesn't mean that we won't eventually fall in love in it in the future. Who knows what will happen in ten years time? God knows. Good try and you are right!

This time I will be counting down the days to the first paper of mine. 10th of November is the first paper which is in 8 days time. So, is it actually long or what? I have no idea why do they actually need to pull the time of exam so long from the 18th week of studies and it's gonna end so near to the holiday. Sometimes I just feel weird of what is actually spinning in these people's mind. Can't they put things in the right manner? One or two paper in a week. Why must it be 3 or 4 papers in a row? Think of how the students study la. Noob!

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