Dates Which Means So Much!

I just have the feeling to blog tonight after having done with my first paper this semester. It was quite a relief for me after going through the hardest paper for me, EDU 3103. The paper took me 15 days to revise. I have been thinking of it everyday as the lecturer hardly teaches us anything this semester. And all of us were required to think of how to rescue ourselves from this whole problem. Luckily I can still survive until now and tell myself that it's all over. I really wish that I will have no such kind of lecturer next time along. One is enough and no more shall come along.

Can this be the day? Haha..11.11.11

45 days to the best day of the year!
With the first paper done and dusted, I am now looking forward to the next 3 papers coming at one go this coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Two Maths paper and one Physical Education paper. Oh well, they are not hard but still need a bit of skill polishing. So, good luck to me and my fellow course mates! We can do it. May God bless us and have a nice day on 11.11.11!! Make it memorable and all the best.^^


DoRa Priscilla said…
Good luck Allen 11.11.11 :D
Allen said…
wow..Dora!! u r really fast in commenting ah..hahaha..thanx a lot gal!!
Cindy said…
Good good Luck!! God bless~~ :DD
Candice K. said…
Good Luck Allen! :D Have fun polishing. :p
Allen said…
alleya..know how to do dy..of coz happy la..hahaha...
thanx ya cindy n candice!! I will do my best de ya..^^

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