Saturday, November 12, 2011

Problems Raining!!

 If only I can run from all the problems I am facing right now, I would really rejoice and shout like a barbarian! I really feel like a fool right now. What have I done all this while? Why is everything still the same? Who the hell am I to judge all of these? Where am I situated actually? Whom am I to you? All these questions can suddenly just pop out of my mind tonight. Problems oh problems, please stay away from me. It's only 11pm tonight and yet I feel like I am actually typing this at 3am in the morning! Crazy summarize all. 

 How come another person's matter can lead to another person so easy? Why ah? How come ah? Oh my, headache. Sooner or later I am going to get migraine. All I want is just a happy and peaceful life, can't this be achieved? What the hell is wrong about that? A broken lamp can lead to a lot of other problems at one go. Go to hell and shut the mouth off la. Suddenly everything seems to do with me now. One moment say like this, another moment change again. I am really really fed up and tired now.

Flight ticket please dun give me anymore burden. I have no idea how to deal with you. School based experience, dun change your date. I have no money to change your ticket. People who understand. Dun burden my mind with stupid thoughts of yours. I have no energy to do so. Hotel booking. Please settle it as soon as possible. Life. Please go on as usual. Exams. I really hope that I am not doomed this time around. Oh gosh. Someone please save me from all these nonsense!


Cindy said...

Allen! Certain thing has to say it out and all will be settled.. give urself time and courage~ juz like wat happened juz now.. Good luck! Dun be too stress.. the days will pass too.. good days and good things always waiting for u.. God always give u the best.. :D All the best! ^^

Silvens Siga Silvester said...

hey.. focus ur exam.. knp cpt betul mau give up? wake up.. ahad sudah ni.. i have something to you..
--> Matthew 7:7

DoRa Priscilla said...

wah.. what happen.. Don't be stress Allen, we only can plan but the God have the final say.. Maybe we can't understand but its for our own good.. bah come on lets do it!
I haven't study since edu paper +.+

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