Gaya Street~~

After going to church on a Sunday morning, I did something which I had never done in the past. I actually went to Gaya Street for the first time. After 2.5 years pursuing my studies here in KK, it's my very first time to set foot there. Well, it's special as it only opens every Sunday morning and ends at around 12.30pm. You cannot find it on any other day. The place was quite big and many different kind of things were sold there as well. Mostly food, souvenirs, flowers, decorations and etc. Anyway, those of you who have never been there should really take some time and explore the place. You can really find some nice attraction there. Have a nice day people.^^ O ya, some pictures below~~ Enjoy~~
Some Butterfly Clippers~

Erm..souvenirs? Haha..

Monkey oh Monkey..^^

Key Chains as usual..

Souvenirs Round

Crowded with people..

All sorts of things sold here..

All kind of races..

A delicious laksa!^^ it..

Full house!!!


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