Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Some Rest!^^

 It's the end of the semester after the hustle and bustle in all the final exams. Yeah, finally it's over after a long 2 weeks which they had pulled. I wished it could have been shorter as that would have cut the duration of the pain as well. But then, I do still need to give thanks to the Lord for guiding and helping me so much all this time. Without Him, how could I have been able to still be alive here right here right now. Anyway, final exams for semester 2 is so far so good. Not the best and I surely hope it's not the worse! 

Holidays come after the exams, and many of my friends have gone back to their beloved home sweet home. And one very common question which everyone would ask around at this kind of season is "When is your flight?". Oh well, usually I would have answered today! or Friday night!... Yet, this time I had no choice but to change. As I am not actually going back this time, not that early at least. I will be flying on Sunday though. To where? To KL!! Wow...anticipate the coming week ya...after today, I shall be resting from my blog for some time. Maybe will be back in December~~ Have a nice holiday ppl~~^^

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