Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad Day With Rotten Toppings+_+

Shocking,shocking,shocking.... I really can't believe what I heard oh... How can this be happening to these people now? How can they grow into like this? What are they really up to now? Don't they realize what they did are wrong and should never occur at the first place?? I am really sad and disappointed. I don't want this to happen. Such a tragedy. So angry come to think of it. These people are really out of their mind. OMG....some are my friends too. I can't do anything to change this sad tragedy anymore now other than pray hard for them to turn over a new leaf. They are not young little kids anymore. They can be called grown-up. Please don't let us be worry of you. This kind of actions would just let you and the people who care for you down. I am really speechless whenever I think about it. Headache,stomachache,pain here and there. can this thing be happening?? What's up with this world now?? Upside down once again? Really STB!!!!!!!!Not cool... Oh well,my quote these few days... Mai gong mo la..doh nv pa suo lat!!! Haha..if you think that I can lessen your anger,just tell me or you can just hit me. I don't mind. Just don't do anything stupid anymore. Haiz..dunno what to say anymore. You people really let me down. You might as well throw me from the highest storey of Parkson. I just can't stand it.


Barbara said...

allen, wad happened? y i din realise such BIG things happening around us?

khaifire said...

lolz..barbara.. It's not suitable to say it out here la..i wan them to realize wat r they doing all this while..

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