Monday, August 18, 2008


Friends,friends,friends...I have a lot of them.. Yet sometimes I just kind of neglected them. So sick of myself. Why can't I just be a good person to everyone? So la,is really hard.. To be someone so great is kind of exaggerating your own ability to the limits. You just can't do it. You can overused your own potential. Pain may be felt now. But then,the future is always there for you. In life,there is certainly a lot of ups and downs. Don't ever be too sad over some small stone which are just trying to block your view in front of you. These stones may be the main reason you fail your life. So,let's just wake up now and don't wait till it's too late before we finally notice them. Life's unpredictable but we are the one living it. As I have been saying all this time..God granted us life to live in this world,we must appreciate it with the best way possible. Don't disappoint the one who care for us. Hehz... That's all for now.. Everyone must add oil towards our different life..[^-^]

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