Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Holiday ma???

La la la...10 days of holidays(starting today).... So,is it really enough for me to do a lot of things? Haiz...can I really make use of this time to revise my book? I really dunno the answer to that question la. I wanna do it but sometimes there is just no heart for me to do so. I am there but my soul is not there for me to finish my job. This is really not good. I dun like it but then what can I do? I am the one who will sit for the exam during year-end. No one can help me. Or shall I say that I can depend on God's guidance for me.. Can He really help me? Ah...really really really hard la............ STPM is really sot de.............No time to study during last minute. This is 100% correct. What to do if I can't study well and hard enough? I fail my exam once again. I just can't help it. My results are super ugly. I dun the face to face it. So ugly. No one likes it.Holiday,holiday, long yet so short. Nothing to do if I dun study. Or do u want me to watch Olympics? OMG....sometimes watching tv also very tiring la. Dun like to sit in front of tv so often la. Later become potato couch qu... Not nice... Haiya,tis not nice, tat not nice!!! Then,wat is nice? No comment is usually the answer I will received from my friends. Miserable life,not good,aloha!!!! Anyway,Happy Holiday to everyone!!!!!!!!! Gambateh...................:D

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Anonymous said...

lolz.. if got maths problems.. i teach u... no tutor charges... everynite got school.. haha... no 100% guarantee.. only 75%

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