Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Hard Feeling *-*

A day of happiness with the toppings of tears. While we can always keep things to ourself, it is hard to lie to others. Different perspective via people with different mindset. Positive is not necessary good. Negative is not totally bad. Wrong feeling on something or someone will occur normally. No one can stop it. You are doing so without noticing it. You can do nothing to compensate. Chances are not given. Work need to be done. Talk is easy. Hard is never something to say. To do it the right way is complicated. What you see may not be what you see. Don't feel strange. This is the truth. Uncovering the truth is not your business. Not your problem. People's heart is brighten by who. No one knows the truth. It is brittle. Break easily. Happy ending. Goodbye my love.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

len, i'd asked, tat word sud be jz make up. compensate involves $. anyway, my advice's still "人之所以痛苦,是因为追求错误的东西"

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