Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year~~ Once Every 4 Years!^^'s the 29th of February today! Something which happens once every four years. A leap year to be precise. Oh well, n this also marks the last day of the month. What have I done so far? Somehow I can't remember much of what have I really done this semester although we are almost coming the end of the first half.  Life have been quite hectic for the last few weeks. With assignments, folders, church, works and etc. Sports day today and tomorrow. This year I am the treasurer for my house. So, my responsibility shall be different from years before. Oh well, no marching this year around. Sad news. T.T! After the Sports Day, we shall have a visit to KK Wetland Park. Not for fun actually but to help out in cleaning the place. Haha! For BIG(Bina Insan Guru). Anyway, 9 more days to the day I long for since 4 weeks ago. Come on!! I need a time machine.^^

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