How To Choose?^^

Why do we often hold on such strong grudge on something which is actually so meaningless to us? There must be a reason behind every decision we made. Hmmm, though sometimes we must keep in mind that one can be so helpless at times. He just can't make the right choice when there are 2 nice and sweet paths in front of him. How to choose? Choose one and the other one will be hurt in the end. Haiz..what a life. Just be yourself first and help yourself before you help others ba!^^ Have a nice weekend people~^^


Cindy said…
who who?? hahaha.. :P
Allen said…
haha..nt a secret i guess.. between friends..involving my classmates..^^
Cindy said…
icic.. jz saw ur new post~ ^^ sure difficult to choose then.. i understand ur feeling.. cant divide ourselves to go so many places at one time~ :)
Allen said…
hehe..ya lo.. so..u know la..sometimes i also dunno how to choose pula.. Oh well, this is life..^^

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