Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Weird People I Discover Lately

It's just so hard to understand how they actually think at times. Why must they make everything look so complicated? Oh my, just make them as simple as possible ba. It's not the end of the world la. Every time repeat the same thing over and over again, even if you don't feel bored, the one beside you will eventually got fed up la. Haiz, this world is really getting weirder day by day. The world is changing to another self which no one know what it is really up to.

People ah people, can't u just sit down and talk face to face like a real man? Must u have cold war over just a small misunderstanding. I dun even know how that thing would actually occur. How can good friends turn to something like tat? Misinterpret this and that would eventually turn the truth to lie and from lie to truth. Well, de ja vu rite? Have this ever happen to you? All I can say is good luck gal! Dun make things too complex and just be yourself. People started it, so what? Must u continue on like them? Dun follow their childish manner ba!

I would rather be the last one to know the truth than be the one who never even realize what had happened for the whole while. Secrets. Yeah, I know that everyone has secrets but must you keep everything in your mind and keep them to yourself? Dun you feel helpless and feel like bursting out all the truth at one go? I am indeed speechless la. Can you please dun be so cruel to me? I wonder why and how all the time. I just hope that I dun collapse in the end. Gosh.


Dora said...

EUDORA PRISCILLA had read this :)

Cindy said...

Cindy Tend had read this! haha.. take care man!

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