Monday, February 20, 2012

No Pain No Gain!!^^

Yesterday was a hard choice. I actually had 3 choices for me to choose from. Church potluck dinner, class steamboat dinner and lastly group discussion on Sibu's trip this coming March. In the end, I chose the third one which I thought was the priority. Oh well, choice was choice. What has been done, is done. Some were unhappy but what can I do? Lol, come on! Haha. 

Today was another different whole new experience. Was trying to take a short afternoon nap before my friend phoned me and asked me to go out. So, why not since it's not always that I go out with them. Big Apple first then to Karaoke~~ Wow, nice sing out loud!! Hahahhaa..then to Philippine Market for fish n chicken hunting~~ la la... One phrase to summarize all, "No Pain No Gain"^^ Good day people~~

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