Thursday, March 1, 2012

Running Is Not That Easy!!^^

Ok then, initially I didn't want to post anything today but I just can't seem to get over it. So, let's go then. Yeah, I did something historical today. I took part in the 4*400m relay this morning in the annual sports day for our institute. Haha, so let's see. This is my 3rd time running in my whole life I guess. I ran for 1500m and 800m before this and didn't do quite well. Anyway, this is was first time I am running for my house, Perdana after 3 years here.

Many people were shocked when they come to learn that I was really going to run for my house. They didn't expect me to do so. They thought of this and that. Anyway, the feeling before running was just so indescribable. I was so nervous as I was the first runner. Here I would like to tell everyone of you out there. Running is not as easy as it looks like! The feeling on the track when you wanna start running is so so much different from the feeling of the spectators who are cheering happily for their team!

Anyway, I did run. I ran as fast as I could for the first 200m and turn slower and slower in the next 200m. I finished my run and was so tired. Exhausted but happy that I finished my run. Sorry to my team that I didn't do my best. I promise you all that I will train harder next time. Oh well, I never regret my choice and I am proud of what I have done. Thanx to my house, Perdana!! For giving me this wonderful chance and experience in running! I guess many spectacles actually drop today. Haha!! Take it!!^^


Dora said...

Allen! You can do it :D We are proud of you

Ashley Alexandra said...

Hey, I saw you running! And the crowd was cheering for you. Anyway, good job there :)

Allen said...

haha...thanx ya Dora n Ashley..^^ I appreciate them a lot.. Oh well, have a nice day!^^

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