Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chronicles and Haywire!>.

2 movies today and I was deeply disappointed in the both of them, Chronicles and Haywire. Well, the way they shoot the movie was just too old fashioned and boring. I was actually spending 1/3 of the time sleeping in the cinema. Nothing actually was able to attract me in the eyes. So dull was the word I can use to describe the story line. How great of me to spend RM10 for 2 movies like that and end up wasting my time there as well. Luckily we manage to pay ourselves back with the KFC meal afterward. Hehe, yeah! Had KFC and was deeply satisfy with that part of the day. After that, we went on shopping for the things we needed before going back to the hostel at around 8.30pm. All in all, good day. Just the movies, oh well. Have a nice weekend ahead people!^^

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