Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Unanswered Questions~~^^

 Does it means that the more we hear, the more we doubt about the knowledge we all possess? Or is this what we call knowledge is endless? We can say that we are so smart till whatever level we want but still we can't overturn the most high above all of us. So what if you are best in this world? So what if you can be a perfect runner yet you can't understand how others feel. What other people feel in your shoes is totally none of your business. Is this all you search for all this while?

Try to think of how other people feel la. Fit yourself in their shoes before trying to shoot anyone as you like. It's not like the whole world owes you anything or what. Come on, the truth is that everyone care for you. Please try to change and be a whole new person. By the time you realize this, the world shall be a much better place to live in and you may even see a cheerful place around you!

Sometimes it's just so hard to deal with certain people or shall I call them species. I don't know how they actually think and what do they want from me. Why is it so hard to understand them? What a life. It's only Monday and I am having blues once again. Oh well, what to do. Life goes on. 12 days to Sibu! Wait for me patiently ya.^^

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