Friday, September 30, 2011

Well, how swift time can pass by this very last week. It's another Friday nite where I am enjoying the time quite much. Thinking back the past weekdays, I feel that I have not really done anything which is meaningful except for the PJ Amali. Most of the time I had no class, no lecture and too many free time. With this, I am actually gonna say bye bye to the month of September 2011. So, let's all sing Wake Me Up When September Ends. At least I had badminton these few days with Mei Ling n Ning Ning. Which we seldom have since the last holiday.

Oh well, to the coming week ahead now. I really couldn't feel the business ahead. Just some normal presentation n stuff ahead. Lol. Oh my. Time oh time. As time goes by, my money also goes missing. The more I stay in KK, the more money I spend. Hahaha..come on. Anyway, let's put out our long arms and welcome the month of October!! It's finally my month of the year once again.. Wow wow wow...this year is gonna be a different scenario..I am gonna celebrate it at my own hometown~~ Walalala... Happy October ppl..^^

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DoRa Priscilla said...

wah some one is going back for the holiday ooo :D haha.. have fun ya.. have not have the chance to play badminton with you guys :C maybe next time.. food! next SBE take me to taste all the food >.<

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