Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Week in Sibu~~^^

One week of PBS(Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah) just ended just like that. 5 days spend in SJK(C) Chung Hua gone without realizing. It was just like I just went there for the first time yesterday. Haha. All in all I felt quite nice about this time's PBS. Lol. Last time there were 32 of us, now only 5. So, I thought we would have got busier but it was even more free. Nothing much to do other than assignments. Something which I spend time doing together with the 3 Kingdom game in the office's meeting room.

Well, I give credit to the principal who was actually a nice guy with a dark face. He didn't like to smile and always give some irritating comment yet actually he has a warm heart. I can see this from his smile when we gave him a present as a token of appreciation for the school. Haha. Great day it was, after he gave us the mark for PBS, I just can't wait to go back and continue enjoying my holidays!

After that, went back home and prepare for another journey around Sibu Kopitiams. Oh well, 2 more days to be back to reality once again. Swimming is another great great hobby which I like real much. 20 rounds in 2 and a half hours. Lol. Chit-chatting with a nice and understanding friend, thank you XY! We certainly talked a lot and it was really enjoying. Come on man, I can't wait for the next time.

So, I heard a lot of advice since I am back here. My secret has been leaked out and it seems like the whole world already knew it. Wow, as if something big had really happened. Lol. Come on guys and gals! Give me some time ya. I will do it but not now. One important date is enwaiting me. It's just like fishing ba. Sometimes pull, sometimes let go. No need to do so much "actions"! Haha.

One last thing, Allen is still Allen! He has never changed to another person. Once he is your friend, he shall forever be your friend. He won't let you go unless you yourself decide to let go of him. Haha. Friends come and go but true friends shall always remain the same no matter what happens! Happy Holidays and all the best kawan-kawan!! Hehe..^^


~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

It's just like fishing ba. Sometimes pull, sometimes let go. No need to do so much =D haha.. ok2 we understand..

Allen said...

hey dora...come on...dun like tat leh...make me paiseh oh... Hahaha...^^ but understand jiu hao lo..>.<!

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