Friday, September 23, 2011

Feelings After Cell Group

A World full of Stars...what a big big world ahead of us to explore...^^

I just came back from a church cell group and there is this one question which make me thought for some time and in a few moments a bunch of other questions started to appear. What would I achieved in 10 years time? Well, the first thing which appeared in my mind was to have got married and have some kids already by that time. But then, how can I be successful in achieving that target in 10 years time? Is that all I wanted all along? Is this the meaning of life which I have been searching for all these years?

Sometimes the things we do is not for our own sake but is for the sake of^^

What are the things I need to be able to have a wife and children? Maybe car or maybe even house. The car thing just make me feel more and more headache nowadays. I am really quite desperate to own a car as I am getting very fed up of walking up and down the small mountain to and fro the classroom everyday while looking at others who own a motorbike or car. They can just go and fro to everywhere as they want. How nice. But I will never forget the petrol and maintenance issue. That's why I reflect that I am really not in a rush to have a car. Maybe I will get one during the end of semester 4 of early semester 5.

What will happen soon? No one knows except the mighty God!

Let's make some predictions on what shall be coming soon in my life as we march towards the 10 years in the future.In 3 years time, I will be graduating from here and be a teacher. Working like a normal teacher, maybe by that time my love life will have a complete different situation from now. My girlfriend will be as beautiful as the Miss World. At least for me. I would have my own car. Starting a whole new loan system. New house and new surrounding.

Nice nice world...keep up the good job, PPL!!

There must always be time when we need to settle down. So, getting married and have kids are the best solution. I would not want to wait for too long to do that. So, 30 years old is my limit. Deep in my heart, I really hope to achieve this. So, may God bless me always. Come on Allen, let's prove to this world that we can do it!

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