The Eden Camp(15-17/9/11)

Just came back from The Eden Camp(15-17/9/11)..haha..a 3 days 2 nights camp.. Lol...I actually got to know lots of things through this marvellous camp. I discovered that sometimes I don't even know who I am really are. What am I doing in this world? Why am I repeating the same thing all over again? How come a life can be like this. And many more. 

Now to the life game. I was given the minister post which in the eyes of many a very very rich guy. Lol. Yeah, I did have lots of money. I have all kinds of properties like house, car, wife and I can afford to pay for all the taxes and fees. Yet I feel like my life is just so meaningless. I don't need to work and all I need to do is just to have fun. Play play play...tat's all I need to do to pass my time. The place I most often went was the casino..which in some eyes are illegal. 

Well, I was quite bored with my life and I was playing safe all the time. But in the end I discover that we are really weak and we just can't run away from death. At one moment, the death God was catching after me and I dropped all my things to be sold. My boss scolded me and she didn't give me full payment for my job. At the same moment, a policewomen came and caught me and said I did something wrong. Wow. If you think that 2 bad things are enough, then you are totally wrong. At the same moment, my wife who was pregnant and was beside me the whole time became pregnantless. Hahahaha..the disciple of the death God snatched our baby. Oh my. How can one actually imagine that. 

In the end, I ended up being a normal minister living a normal life. I didn't die but also end up in the hell as well during the night time. Everyone was blindfolded. We walked in a straight row. Many voices beside us, things passed through, screams, many pulling occured and etc. Well, honestly I was terrified and really really scared of the whole thing. I am a timid guy and I hated being scared. So, I hit back, pushed back and shuffed every pulling or the things coming through me. Lol..the food and accommodation part were really great as well. Not to forget all the organizers.. They are really great as well. Thanx a lot to you for making this camp so so successful! I will definitely join this camp again if I had the chance!^^


Joshua Wong said…
Just saw ur blog.Hmm...
I thought being a minister is a great job. But when I saw ur reflection, it seems a vice versa opinion.
But anyway, it was fun especially during the 2nd night when we heard ur funny characteristics.HeHe....

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