Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh My Life!

It has been a long time since I last do this but I would never forget the process forever. The way one's life change in 3 years is not as big as one might thought it would be. It's just not as easy as one has always predicted it. 

Many paths along the road. Some right some wrong but however wrong it may be, I am grateful that I am still alive until now. Who knows what could actually happen the next second I am away from here.

Sometimes I really don't know who to express to except my blog. So, I think that actually this is my loyal companion. It won't betray me or do anything which hurt me. This is life. 

Life is like a roller coasters. There are just too many ups and downs nowadays which human can't defend against them. Human can be happy now but in just a few seconds later, things can change so rapidly that before you realize it, everything is too late already. 

Once you make a mistake or fall into a trap, it's just so hard to be accepted into the society again. People just can't think outside the box and always try to be a professional in judging others. Oh My Life!

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