Monday, September 12, 2011

Foods and Bits From Somewhere

 40 days here and en-counting. It just won't end at first but after realizing the fact that it's actually week 13, some actually couldn't believe the fact that time runs so fast. We are catching it all the time. Time for assignments, for leisure, for studies and etc. Life has been destined to be like this since the day we are brought to this world. Who can deny this fact? Well. Think about this.

Being so eager to be at home doesn't necessary make me someone who miss home or my family that much. Maybe there are so many other factors such as friends around, freedom, pleasure or maybe just some normal routine. The feeling here is just so much different. I still can't feel like at home after spending nearly 2.5 years here. But I don't deny that I have got used to most of the things here. For instance, the circle of this place. Normal class(Boring) to Assignment(Tiring and Lazy) to Study Week(Too Free and Tension) to Exam(Things Every Student Hate) to Holiday(Nice).

Finishing this makes time move even faster than ever. We can't jump even one step as we don't really have much choice in front of us. So just try and take it easy ya guys. It's not hard to predict one's way of thinking once we have get used to the things around him or her. Some are good while some are otherwise. This is life. Good luck people!

Disguise is something many people like to do nowadays. You want to do this yet you went on doing that in the end. Why can't you just be a bit braver than the ones surrounding you? A coward is destined to be a coward all the time. Just do whatever things you want to do. Other people's way of thinking is not that important. You can hear a lot but you can't really accept all. Some may just cross with each other. The one who will make the final and most critical thinking is still you, yourself!

Feeling so unclear of the situation now, being panic all the time, thinking too much, night time seems so long, missing pieces start to appear, wanting to find someone to talk about and so on. Try to cope with these step by step and life shall be easier. Focus on the right thing at the right time! Have a nice day.^^

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