Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mark My Words!

Feeling more and more tired as days goes by. Doing all the things in the darkness alone. What others said is like a direct opposite from the truth. No specific directions, once again. The way to continue is so dull. Life, life, life.


No idea what to do next. No nonsense from now on. A friend like a phone ringer is never a good choice. Rather choose to be a stranger than nothing else. Rush for the sake of what.

It's like deja vu again. Something which has been happening  before and it's a trauma since God knows when. Never repeat the same mistake. What to do. Just leave soundly and leave no footstep behind. 

Good luck to you in the near future and before I find the nice and suitable timing, I will never turn my head right in again! Mark my words.


DoRa Priscilla said...

Gambatte Allen =D will support you all the way~

Allen said...

hehehe...thanx gal...appreciate it a lot...from now on, i shall be a better thinker..^^

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