Monday, August 1, 2011

Between Love n Like!!^^

There's always a question which is so hard to answer for me. What is the thing I like in her? Most of the things I find are just her pure appearance. Do I really know who she is deep inside her? How she thinks of me, is this important? of course, no doubt! Haha..I never know how excited I would get when I actually know the truth.

That's why I always says love is blind. You never really know when you will fall into the love trap. So, is that called like or love? Only you can determine it as our standards might be different. Maybe time can turn everything around. I have went into false alarm a few times already in this campus. So, I might as well not be so sure as well this time. Let it be and do some slow catching first. I will take things step by step. No need to rush.

I will try my best in discovering the positives and negatives in you. Happy with the positives and accept your negatives. Good luck and all the best to the new set target of mine!


Barbara said...

is this supposed to be a confession? i mean.. a bloggy confession?!

with all the photos up there, it must be one of the girls eh?

ps: just because you dont want to tell me this title, i had to (reluctantly) add onto you increasing number of readers

Allen said...

hahaha..erm..sort of confession ba.. Hmmm..clever barbara..yes, one of the girls..^^ Thanx ya..

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