Monday, August 22, 2011

la la la..^^

Change has been happening now and then. We can never stop it or avoid it. It's just the way it is. Sometimes I tend to think to myself about the things I used to do before and the things which I have been doing now. Not forgetting the things I may get into in the future.

Some things can be change so easily yet some may never ever be change no matter under whatsoever circumstances. Make a choice at a right time will always make our life happier. Live your dreams to the fullest. Do not let your future control you but you shall be the one controlling it at all time. Advises are good but just hear them but you don't necessary have to follow them. Do it your own way.

Keep in mind that it's never too late to turn back as long there's time ahead of you. A promise is always a promise and please don't break it. It just hurts a lot when we break it. Life is a journey of you and me. I have found you and all my focus are put on you but that doesn't guarantee that I will get you.

Whenever we find ourselves wrong in something that we do, just change it. Don't let it burden you. Change the course although you know there are some consequences behind. You yourself know what are the benefits you will get. Just compare to some of your friends who is still in the wrong path. Did they get what they deserve? It's their choice and they are the one who will decide it. I can't do anything for them as it's their life.

Being a happy guy in a happy place is all that important. Oh well, has been feeling the stress of assignments for the last few weeks and now is time to have some rest. All the other assignments are needed to be passed up after the holiday. Gotta start soon but not today. See ya.^^

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