Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Weekend Fully Occupied!

Another weekend is about to pass by as swift as the wind. Happy times will always be going like a train yet when it comes to study time, time always seems to be going as slow as the snail. This weekend was well spend ba... Went to the church gathering with my was Fruit Night actually.. Enjoyed that very much..hmmm, hehe..i think i will be attending it again next week..if nothing stops me la..

Yet, God is just so great.. I woke up early that morning and straight away went on a trip to Mahua Waterfall with my friends(Charles, Calvin, Bernard n Khairi) Tambunan.. The trip was so nice..a swim in the cold water...the waterfall was so beautiful and indeed a good way to release stress.. Had a long time in the car...the journey was smooth as well..calvin's driving skill was good.. Hehe..i strongly suggest you all to go to the place next time if u have the chance...^^

Back to the hostel at 4 pm..then straight away went into the football match against the seniors who have went for posting early this year... Haha..the match was so exciting..we eventually won the game 4-3.. Yeah..finally something to show...hahahaha...

To today's adventure to Montford Youth Training Centre..we(me, Bernard, Lawrence n Mei Ling) went for a visit to this place and have mass there with a group of old folks in our church... Hehe..after the mass, we had breakfast and played some games with them.. A nice time out and seeing them having fun is just great! Lol..then we had our lunch at Grand Port nice lunch oh..the food was so so delicious..

Apart from that, we also got a lot of presents and souvenirs back..i won a lucky draw with number 1!! Wahahaha...come on... To conclude this post today, I feel that telling our secrets to someone isn't tat bad actually.. lol..just make sure that that person is someone who is trustworthy... Haha...yeah..i told someone a secret today and eventually got to told something even greater.. Who knows how good that news is to^^

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Amanda Rina said...

Lol, nice one !! :D

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