Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Promised Post For My Friend!

Patient, patient and patient once more. All I can do now is just this. My future is so bleak, I do know that. Well, like what my friend quoted, " there are so many more trees in the world, why must we just focus on this certain tree?" If the guy wanna do so many this and that, then do I really need to care bout it? You can play girls like that but you can never gain their heart. I was so angry at first. I also don't know why yet after calming down and think rationally, I felt like I was actually really childish to be tricked into this whole psychotic stuff.

Difference in religion is not a big matter for me. I never think so much of what will happen in the future. Life is like a roller coaster all the time. You don't know when will you go up or when you will go down. I will just take my step by step until I reaches the end. No luck doesn't mean goodbye. Have a nice day people!

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