Happy Times Shared~~

Some took just months to found one yet most average people might just take years and years to find one which suits themselves the most.

So, yeah. I do agree that the timing must always be right. No rushing is needed anyway. Life is still long and beautiful.

What we must always keep in mind is the right way to fish. We must never pull the string too tight or let it be too loose as well. Pull when it's necessary and let it go at the right moment.

Before we move towards a higher step, the step before should always be mastered before hand. Be cool and think positive!

There are many types of friends. So, I would rather be a good friend who can be a good listener to you than any other friend.

These few weeks had been the happiest weeks in campus up until now. Time passes all these while but how it's spend is the most important one.

One more week to holiday. Going Beaufort for fireflies watching, food fair and the most important thing of all~~Mount Kinabalu Climbing Trip!! Bla bla bla..^^


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