Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make Us Who We Are Today!^^

The worst thing one can found out is that one day we might just discover that the one who truly love us is actually our best friend. We have been so used to the close relationship till we can't express the word "love" to him/her anymore. It's just so much different from the feeling which we expect all this while. Everything seem not right as all we have been doing all this while was just a pure lie in front of so many other people.

Love is just a so so weird thing. We don't know when it will come and when it will eventually evaporates away from us. So, we must all appreciate it the best way possible when we have set a target for it. Thinking too much will just bring no help to us. Strike when the timing is right. But this may be easy to say yet extremely hard to do as well.

This is the life process which everyone are deem to face all the time. No way to avoid it. If you can't do it, then so do I! No worries. There shall always be ups and downs all the time in our long and awesome life. You can't be unlucky all the time as there is always something better behind failure. Once fail doesn't mean always fail! Come on.

Why must we face difficulties with a sad and ugly face when we actually know that happy makes a day and sad also makes a day. Think about it guys and gals. Do you wanna be the one who is being hated by others or be the one who everyone anticipates to meet everyday?

One can be confuse by the choice he/her need to make all the time. So many trees in the jungle. Once we put put our eyes on one, then does that mean that we can't seek for another tree? Unless you create a bond in between you with the chosen tree, or else you still can redeem your freedom and pursue for a better and nicer tree around us. In short, life is long and we should always make the right choice at the right time as this will make us who we are today!^^

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