Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time n Advises..^^

Well, time can go slow at times yet we never realize that the moment we think that it's slow, it has been passing by like the wind dy. Time cannot be turned back. Whatever we do, it's called history. No one can return to the past and change a thing. This is how life is. Oh my, time is gold indeed.

Back to my story, the things I wrote or said has all become a fact dy. I can delete them but I can never guarantee that it will not remain in other people's mind. Oh well, what to do. Just live on with it. No one likes to change. But sometimes it may be the best thing for us. Someone gave me some advises just now. Yeah, I didn't like it as no one has told me about this before. However, after thinking for a moment, there are actually some truth in it as well.

I am who I am for such a long time dy. It's just not that easy for me to turn my manners around. Maybe I am too used to it dy. So, please do grant me some more time in changing this. I hope I can and I wanna thank you for this. Haha. Happy day! 2 more days to holiday~~^^

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