Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Haha,haha,haha... has been a long time since I had laugh till so crazy qu.. Tonight was the best nite ever.. Lolz..I went to Pau's farewell party with eileen,ling ling,teo,anna,siaw wei.. We talk n talk non stop..almost everything... Some cold ones..some lame ones..some *** ones.. Chew..all sorts of things la.. We shared our experiences.. Pau will be leaving for India liao on Friday.. I will certanly miss this best friend of mine.. You are my best friend forever!! We have known each other for 10 years liao.. N this will certainly continues on n on... We played a new poker game..err,at least it is new for me la.. Screamed till sok ki.. Laugh till sok ki.. I was so blurr mo.. Lolz..we were indeed very happy.. After that,we took some photos.. As memories la..shot some videos... Got one really nice one in my phone.. But it can't be shown to all of you just yet as it's reserve for a special person in another corner in this big world~~ Some day later i will post it up la.. Dun be anxious.. Nai nai nai li... Muahahhaahahaha........ Anyway..i felt really high n happy tonight... Thanx for all,Pau.. Yi lu shuen feng ya.. La la la..^-^

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