Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today was a day full of madness. I went to some classes which are really noisy till my head nearly exploded. I can just smile back to them and ask them to sit down quietly. Nothing else can be done. After a few seconds,they will continue where they left just a while ago. Speechless. I have been to a lot of classes. Some good. Some bad and some really uncontrollable. Oh well. I even needed the help of Madam Chan today. She gave them a brief lecture of what needed to be done since exams is just around the corner. These classes ah. Not that they are not good in their studies,just that they are too lazy to do so. I just hope that they can eventually change. Praise the Lord.

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Barbara said...

now only you know how me and ding2 feel everyday. be thankful you only go into these classes once in a blue moon. we, on the other hand have to enter those classes that we teach BM for 4 hours a week. and it's afternoon session some more. i'll be willing to change with you. ;P

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