Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today was a really down n upset day in school. I also dunno what was the main reason at first but I get to know bout it when I get back home. I was too tired after watching a early morning football match. I was very tired already. But with the add on of the pressure of choosing courses for the uni things burdening me made me even weaker. I was so desperate to go back home. Get a quick bath and make me more comfy~~ Haha..after that,think about it again. La la la..then,I went to school again. Ask bout the things concerning my U things.. Cikgu Anna was so willing to help.. I listen to her opinions. And finally I figure out what was actually going on. I have lots to roads to choose and I need to really choose carefully.. So,May God Bless me.. Here I would like to wish all my friends who were taking their SPM examinations last year a good luck.. May they get the best posssible results lo.. Haha..

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