Monday, March 30, 2009

April,Here I come~~~

March 2009 will just pass by just like that in just a while only. Like all other months of the year,it's passing by just as swift as the wind. Din really done much when i came to think of it. But then,the most memorable thing was getting the STPM results moment ba.. N the applying of Us and some other things concerning my future. So soon three months has gone and my teaching life has been so long already. Life's just so special. I played,had fun and eventually had to live my life as usual. What to do? I am just the normal person. A guy with the thinking of a guy. Hang out with friends more often these days. I don't know if our chance of hanging out will be limited or not next time but i am appreciating every single moment together. But then,who knows? We might end up in the same Uni next time. We will have to pray hard for that. So,now i am awaiting anxiously for the month of April to come. I will have lots of interview to do. Hope I can do well lo. As u all know,these things are really important for me ma.. I have been talking about love these few days and I really think it's an essential thing to me. For my love ones,I really hope that u can have a great life and enjoy them everyday. Let's march ourselves towards the month of April ba!!!

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