Sunday, March 1, 2009


1st of March...another opening of another month in the year of cow(2009). It is also known as the result month for those who took their public examinations last year. I am one of them and my feeling is the same as all other felt now. A bit anxious but not till really anxious lo. Exams,exams,exams.. And now is the results time liao.. What have we gain from what we have studied? Nothing can change the fate liao.. Oh well,I will just leave it to the God ba.. Pray hard and be hopeful o reach my target. Jia you ba... Today,I wanna wish two of my friends whose birthdays fall on today... Haha..Happy Birthday to Johnny! Happy Birthday to Hui Jen! Lolz..both are my good friends.. May the both of u have a great and wonderful year ahead of you.. Have a nice day ya.. Gambateh..^-^

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