Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So,let's go~~

Haha..some posts of mine may be weird or really hard to understand de but all those are just some of the things I see in my everyday life.. So,u all man man qu liao jie them ba.. Haha..some things just can't be said out by using our mouth de.. can be discover as easy as u see the leaves around u but to find one which is suitable is not easy. It's very complex de la.. Some ppl will never change for one person for a long time yet some just can spend one day with someone and then go out with another person the second day. How can he do so? Don't ask me..i also dunno.. Haiz...this world is full of miracoulous things. What to do? It's a big big world. La la la... Don't get stuck in it so soon ya.. U still have a long way to go!!

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