Thursday, March 5, 2009


Some love just can't be force yet we try and try to make ourselves believe that we can do so. No nonsense can break us apart. It's just impossible to do so. We can't survive under these circumstances. Not just by saying I love you,babe!! This is meaningless. Some may say that I will care for you,I will protect you,I won't let you be hurt and talking bout this and that. All sorts of sweet stuff. Oh ya,by the way.. If you tend to eat so many sweet stuff,you may get diabetes,and this is certainly not good. Please dun get too enthusiastic in something meaningless. You are still studying,so,please study like a man. Think so much will just make you feel painful inside out. You will think of the girl everyday until you cannot even hold your spoon when you are eating. Get tight of yourself. No one can save you other than yourself. Let's just be friends first. Think of those who care for you and not those acting friendly in front of you! To be a pro,one must go through the process of being a noob first.

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