Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wearingly Tired..-_-#

I tried and tried once more yet what I got is just a piece of dump which no one wish to have. What more can i ask since I was given such a task now. No burden is fake. How to lie when you know exactly what you are doing. This is no kids stuff as you never do what you should for the whole of your life. I don't care but I am still here waiting patiently. Walking alone in an empty night at a quiet and lonely pathway. So cold outside and I can barely felt the emptiness of my heart. To live once more with you far away mean not much to me. The decision made is just unforgiven. Some used to comfort me but they have eventually failed miserably. I don't know why is it like this every time. No choice for me as things are so hard to deal with everyday. To always be happy is really impossible. One will always be sad once in a while. We don't always live in dreams. So,what to do now is just wake up. Living in the past will just bring us back and not forward. Doing no good to anyone around us including you and me. Sigh however you want as you are given the power to do so. But don't ever put your misery onto others who wanna live a great living. As you all know,life is good.

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Barbara said...

allen, u really want to hold up a red card bearing "FAILED" to us? are you too "unbusy" that you have so much time to think of those stuffs? if yes, come in the afternoon and help us. almost all of us are crazy nowadays. even xy cant bear it. we welcome you to join us. :P

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