Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sibu Jaya..

This morning went to the airport to send my farewell to one of my close friend,Sylvester... Lolz..never done so before.. So,i got up earlier than I normally did compare to any other saturday morning. Haha..Andy came picked me... Syl's flight was 9.25 am de.. So,we accompanied him there for about half an hour lo.. O ya..Pau's flight was the same as his.. But,he will be back to Sibu next week.. La la la..after that,we jiu decided to go take a look at Sibu Jaya..since aaron and me haven been there before.. It took us so much time just to find it's main 2 schools... Lolz..u will see them later.. Sibu Jaya was not so big yet not so small either.. Haha..still ok de la... And i heard that the houses there r very cheap too.. Oh well..after breakfast lo.. Hehz...tat's how my morning went lo... La la la...wat a sat~~

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