Thursday, February 19, 2009


We can just sit there sometimes for hours and hours long just doing nothing. This is how humans are. So lazy. Haha...i mean i am like that too la... No idea what to do next. Dunno where to go. Which direction should i take. Argh...sien ah... I might as well go home and sleep. After that,think again. Oh well,when I finally decide to wake up...everything is different liao... There will another piece of story for us to walk in. We can't just stop at a point everytime. The roads provided to us are plenty and we must make the right decision on which path to take. Don't go straight into the dark forest blindly as u never know what's in front of u. So,please do some justice for yourself and others too. Don't hurt those who care for u.'s unpleasantable..

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