Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hmmm..V Day~~

Ask,ask,ask...pray,pray,pray...beg,beg,beg... You ask n pray n beg for so many times already~~ So,have u get wat u want all this while? Do u still have the bravery and trust tat u will get it eventually? Sometimes it is hard to know what ones want. We don't get wat we wished for. All is nothing and it's so hopeless that we don't even know we need to cry to who for help. It's near to the 15th day of tis year's Cny le... N the other meaning on that very day is our eastern side's Valentines' Day. Oh will be another lonely day for me then. No one for me go out with. I long for someone to love and care about yet i can't find one suitable one. After a few days will be the real Valentines' Day le..which is on the 14th of February~~ Duh..who don't know la.. The ones tat i like already has their respective's pair le.. So,i might as well don't think too much about that. I have ever like someone so much that I would always spend my money on her without any thinking. I don't care what she thinks... All i know is that i m doing this on my own free will. No one forced me to do so. Last year I didn't gave her anything as she was not around. This is pretty much the same. But during the days after Valentines' Day,I even fell for a false love which made me regret so much for doing so. Oh well,at least I m free once again. I don't like her anymore. No feelings for her. She don't deserve it. So,now all the things left is just me. Standing alone in this darkness world.

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