Tuesday, February 10, 2009


La la la...what can you all see through this photo ah? Haha..dunno u ppl la... But i certainly see a lot of things la.. I see doctors..pharmacist..teachers..engineers..and some more other great professions.. We are all friends since a long time ago..knew each others for at least 7 long years liao.. Our relationship is still so good and we still keep in touch.. Haha..although we dunno what will happen in future time,we still care for each others and the friendship bond can never break de.. I dunno whether we still got the chance to go for gathering like this next year or from time to come as we might go for separate ways during the whole of this year... Many of them will be leaving for further studies overseas.. Some will go India..some Ireland..some United Kingdom..some Australia... All so xin fu ah.. Xian mu shi qu liao... Oh well,no matter what happen,u all must jia you ya.. Take care and have a nice day~~^-^

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