To a Special Friend

Hi there, my dear friend…

It’s time for you to go to another place which is so far away from your hometown. I am here to say farewell to you and wish all the best to you. No matter how many years you will be leaving for, we can still connect ourselves using facebook. Lol…I can still remember clearly what happened the last time you left your hometown. I gave you something. The details are still clear in my mind. The thing is I really still had a special kind of feeling for you, which is not love. I hope for the best for you. I will smile whenever I think of you…I also don’t know why this will happen. Honestly I really fall for you that time. Oh well, I guess I should really calm down myself and concentrate more on my studies. Maybe this is still not the right time to talk about love. Who knows what might happen in the next few years… If there is really fate between the both of us, I will never give up on it. 3 years is not a long or short period of time but a lot of things can really be done in that time. Good luck, girl… Have a safe trip and may God Bless you abundantly…


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