Life as A Journeyman

Life like a journeyman will never be easy as you used to think. You do face the world as it is all about everyday. Complain and what you will get eventually is like a piece of nothing. Just look at teh above picture ba... How beautiful at night it can be. While on the morning time, it's just like some other buildings we used to see around us in this big world we live in. We must learn to love the things we have. Don't turn back for it whenever you reach the point of needing it. It's just a waste of everyone's time. Think of it will just make you uncomfortable. In one month time, i will be back to where I love and enjoy till i am crazy... Teaching in the church...camping with the church people... i miss them and miss the church activities i used to joined. I really involved too little here and I don't like it. Just let this 30 days pass quicker ba... Hehe...6 more days to the important day...the day which the big 2 come out... Lol...


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