Saturday, October 17, 2009

God Is So Great!

Tonight i am still so awake and still not so sleepy yet. Something happened and make me think back of the past a bit. I recalled back what happened. The things i did last year and what has that done to me now. Actually quite a long of things occurred last nite. I got a message from my SPBT teacher in charge. She told me that I am invited to be at the coming Prize Giving Ceremony of our school. We got the State Level Champion last year. I could never imagine that I could still be up on that stage after so long. Oh well, that is the first flashback of the day. After that, I was chatting online with some of my friends and there came another important person to me before. I used to like her but now I guessed everything is being put down le ba. We chatted bout our life now. After a while, she told me something really nice and I felt so touched by that. We can finally put down the big stone in our heart. We are still friends and I will never regret what have i done before to her. Cause everything happens because of some reasons. God is so great!

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