Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kuching Trip's Summary

First Day..drove since 10.30 am.. Reached around 4.50pm..then find the hotel.. Went to Aidi's shop..kolo mee..Spring..then back to hotel..
Second food food.. wantan fish ball soup..kuching laksa..chicken hartz' buffet..boat trip around the waterfront..aidi's kek lapis..drink across the river..RJ's ayam penyet..
Third day..went to lots of places..sarawak cultural village..rojak kuche..aidi's shop ayam penyet..sukma la la..happy happy..damai beach..and a lot of other place..
Forth day..back to Sibu..reached around 9 am..bye bye..

All in all, this was indeed one of the best trip I have had for such a long time..especially when it comes to spending time with my classmates.. Oh well guys and gals, we still have 2.5 years to go. Let's bear it together and all the best to all of you ya..^^ Hahaha..i love this trip a lot and we shall meet each other very very soon~~^^


Joyce Joel said...

waaaa. Allen came to kuching didn't visit me. hehehe. btw, hepi holiday and good luck for your SBE =)

Allen said...

hahaha..come on..we went to a lot of places ba.. din even have time to visit all.. lol..hahaha..happy holiday to u too..n SBE..^^

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